A teaching-learning experience


It’s my second year teaching at BCLC, and I have no qualms with interning here. Everyone is understanding, kind, and hardworking, and working here is fun.  However, my favorite part of the BCLC experience is teaching the kids. Teaching the kids is a two-way street; I teach the students Vietnamese, Math, or English, and in turn, the students teach me so much about themselves and personal growth. I get such a rewarding feeling when I teach these kids. These kids are full of life, unperturbed by the stresses of life, and overall, have an infectious love for life and all of the curiosities for the world.  That’s why teaching one of my students, Olivia, has been such a blast for me.

She’s a vivacious and smart kindergartner and loves the color pink very much.  She’s an avid drawer and while she prefers arts and crafts time over working, she does her best to listen and to complete the work. Among all of those details, she is actually very shy and it’s easy for her to start mumbling when she gets nervous. However, during our class time, she’s very clear and loud, and it makes me so happy to see her so openly excited and articulate about how cute the birds might look like outside the window or how she wants to paint soon.  One might not think much of anything from my observations, but I think that it says a lot about how amazing my role is. I feel like I am actively helping Olivia grow up into a confident and outspoken young girl, and I think that my role in teaching applies to all of my students.  Teaching at BCLC is one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences of my life, as it would be for anyone who gets the chance to sit next to and learn from children.

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