Encourage Learning Confidence in Young Students

20150525_092814It’s easy for kids to throw in the towel when they’re facing something new or slightly challenging. I was a kid too, so I understand that feeling! Adults sometimes do that even though they’re capable of accomplishing whatever they wanted to in the first place. It’s a frustrating dilemma, especially because everyone has the capacity to do so much in this world. As a BCLC teacher, part of my job is to help bring out our students’ potential and prove to them that they are smart, capable individuals who can aspire to be whatever they want with the right amount of hard work. There are times when my students see a small new detail on an assignment and panic. They ask me, “Co Nini, this is too hard! Or, I don’t know how to do this!” even though they’ve already been completing those kinds of assignments with ease. Most of the time I tell them that I know that they can do it – because they can – and that I believe in them – because I do! After they spend a few minutes looking at the assignment, they end up answering all the problems correctly, and it’s a great feeling.

20140928_114444I face this kind of scenario a lot with one of my smartest students, Tyler. He’s a great kid. He loves to draw and is always very imaginative. However, sometimes when we do work he gets a little self-conscious about his answers and doesn’t want to answer anymore because he’s afraid he’s wrong or because he doesn’t think he knows. I do my best to help motivate him and let him see that he’s actually so much greater than he gives himself credit for. During the time that I’ve spent with him, I see a more confident and overall more expressive Tyler. This kind of transition is what’s always pushing me to do my best as a teacher because it reminds me just how important a teacher’s role is. There’s so much more to being a teacher than just teaching, and I’m really grateful to be a BCLC teacher because I feel that BCLC gives me the opportunity to really teach.

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